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Home Game Assets & Tools http://commonly.cc/ Making game assets open source

http://commonly.cc/ Making game assets open source

So here is a site that caught my eye for multiple reasons.




  1. I am always on the lookout for sites with cheap/free assets for Game Design. Music, sprites, SFX, and artwork. This site has it all. 
  2. They are against Internet Monopoly also known as “anti-piracy” acts like SOPA, ACTA, CISPA. These bills are very very bad for humanity. The internet is the most content rich free education and market in the world. These bills would turn it over into the hands of a select few media corporations.
  3. I had a related idea so I’m pleased to see they did it. They raised $1000 collectively to turn over a group of game assets from copyrighted to public domain.

On the website you can find sound tracks, isometric forest terrain, 50 unity particle shape effects, Bomberman sprite sheets and more. All in nice, neat, tidy little zip files for easy download. So check it out.


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