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DustForce Financials Recap

Published on 2013-04-18, by in Game Design.


Hitbox Team (Makers of DustForce) posted a great article I love because:

  1. It talks about the business side of things and money
  2. It shows how they underestimated the promotion and marketing
  3. It has charts!
  4. It showcases that this business success allows them to move on to an even bigger project
  5. It sheds light on the fact that “you will get tired and lose motivation” so you need to do what you can with the resources you have

How did you market the game?
Our friend Mary, from IndieViddy, helped us market Dustforce by sending review copies of the game to numerous reviewers and bloggers. She also created and sent out press releases, as well as helped make Youtube videos for us. Her help allowed us to focus purely on the game at a time when we were most busy.


Read the full article here: http://hitboxteam.com/dustforce-sales-figures

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