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Don’t Starve: Best Healing tips and tricks

Published on 2013-05-13, by in Games.

If you are new to Don’t Starve you probably want to start off with my tips for beginners.

If you are here and still reading you have figured out how to forage enough food to get by, but you still have problems surviving because you need to learn how to heal. Unlike other survival games you don’t just heal up over time, or rest outside of combat. Sleep seems like it would be the natural way to heal, but don’t waste resources on tents or bedrolls because it won’t work. Sleeping in DS is only to heal your Psyche and costs you food (you wake up very hungry so don’t sleep if you don’t have food already!)  There’s basically 4 ways to heal in DS

  1. Crafting Healing items
  2. Eat Flowers and Butterflies
  3. Eat cooked/dried foods
  4. Eat spider glands (recent update)

♦1 Crafting:

DS changes every few weeks, sometimes a little sometimes a lot. So I’m sorry if what I’m saying soon goes out of date but crafting healing items is a joke. The problem with healing items is they require paper and/or honey. Both of which are dangerous to harvest! Paper costs 4 papyrus, which is only found on swampland and is generally still sparse. You will likely take more damage from tentacle whip monsters than you will heal, once you make the paper. If you do have the paper and need honey try to find a lone hive. It can be a aggro-hive or a standard beehive it doesn’t matter much since both will drop honey once destroyed. Walk up to the hive, hit it once (or not at all if aggro), then drag the creeps in a wide circle. You want them to stop chasing you but be in a position to make back to their hive before they do. It could take 10 or more hits depending on hero and weapon but eventually the hive will explode. Collect the honey and run if the bees are still coming. Be very careful the damage amount and attack speed for bee’s are ridiculously high.

♣2 Eating flowers and butterflies:

Flowers are a last resort and not very sustainable because they spoil very quickly. A good source of rot if you want to try farming. But if you are low and about to die, each flower you pick and eat will restore 1 hp. Yes only 1. Catching butterflies can be tricky, but eating their wings heals a lot. (I think it was 10 hp since the last update)

♥3 Cooked Food

Cooked meat will heal 3 hp each, cooked carrots and vegetables will also heal a small amout, the best is Jerky. When I play survival mode I make dozens of drying racks. Build them near a Beefalo range and along roads. Place some at every stone campfire you make. This way you can collect meat while on the move, or process a lot at night near your campfire. Jerky gives more hp than cooked food but less than crafted items. It also heals Psyche and lasts a long time. Jerky is ♦KEY♣ to survival mode!

♠4 Spider glands

Spider Glands were only recently introduced. It shows up quite frequently and can be crafted into a more potent form (which requires stone and charcoal I think…those are easy and safe to harvest). Killing spiders is relatively easy if you know how and as long as only 1-2 nests are nearby. If you wield a spear  you can even kill 1 them before it strikes back. Otherwise I recommend using small traps. Place a few traps near the edge of their nest web. Step on the web during the day and 1 per nest level will come out to defend the nest. Stay near enough to the spiders that they continue chasing you and drag them into the traps. Be careful though, a falling trap does not instantly collect the spider, kind of a bug really, so keep dragging until the spider actually disappears or you could get hit!


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