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Someone Call Ice Cube, Let Him Know It Was A Good Day! ♥

Before I leave this Island of politeness, I had to make a road trip just to get my friend a gift. It started off with piling into a van designed to seat 14+driver. I think I counted 25. I was lucky to have some leg room sitting next to the door, I was unlucky to only get half of my butt no the seat. 40 Minutes later I’m strolling through the mall.

So what made this such a good day?

  • I found the gift I wanted to bring back
  • IMG_1774
  • I expected all the banks to be closed, not only was one open but they had the 1c and 5c coins in stock! SCORE! (Thanks Banco de Oro)
  • IMG_1779 IMG_1778
  • I am a Thai Iced Tea connoisseur! Today’s Ice Tea was the best I’ve ever had. It was as thick and sweet as ice cream. Wonderful. I had to let the manager know and he was so pleased to hear it. (Plus I think he enjoys flirting with foreigners)
  • IMG_1783 IMG_1775

What else can I say, today was a good day.

IMG_1792 IMG_1793



Each of these bags is supposed to have 100 pieces of each coin. Whoever is filling these up is not doing a very good job though; When I couldn’t fit all of these coins into one slot I decided to count them. Each bag had 150 instead of 100!  I especially feel kind of bad since all these coins only cost me 12 piso (approx 30 cents!) I know it costs more than that to produce these coins. However both times I’ve tried to pay the banks extra, suggesting they charge me a service fee or buy themselves an ice cream, both times they smile and refuse saying they can’t. I think that officially means hell is freezing, a bank is refusing to charge me fees. It must be cold somewhere below.

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