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On the way home

Published on 2013-08-05, by in Personal, Travel.

Flying over Japan is like flying over Florida. I see lots and lots of lakes, rivers, farms and trees. I guess most 1st world nations infrastructure looks the same from the sky. I don’t see anything uniquely “Asian” or “Japanese” at least not from landing and takeoff. All the roads and fences cut the land into neat little squares and rectangles. It all looks the same.

JAL airport surprised me. At the waiting lounge flight crew members politely search all of your carryons. I guess they are nothing if not precautious and thorough; since I have been through not 1 but 2 security scanners already. These Japanese don’t play!



To think in 5 hours I will land in Japan but stay for even a single day. What a disappointment. Of all the countries I’ve wanted to visit and live in Japan has always been at the top. I’m so close…. but I have to get back to the US and handle “affairs”. Trying to operate remotely from a 12 hour time difference doesn’t work. Even in an age of emails and text messages.

<Warning: I meant to go back and fix things like…disjointed sentences, timelines and grammar. I have not. Maybe I will do it someday. >

The 2nd place I want to visit most is Germany. I feel a peculiar draw to discover my heritage since both sides of my family are mostly German. That draw is peculiar to me because our family places so little attention to it; or perhaps that’s why I’m so interested in it.


Seat belt is on and trays are in their upright position. The plane is backing out of JAL and I’m on my way to the US. Then the cutest thing happens. The ground crew gives a hearty bow and waves as the plane is leaving. The look on their faces was sincere pride of work and delight. It’s such an amazing scene to me, because I have been staying in 3 countries where “people are laid back” is a super sugar coat. A real tear came to my eye. I have to come back here someday.

Traveling overseas I was always delighted by the “selection” of flight crew outside of the US for their flight attendants. Always young,  fit, polite, with pretty smiling faces. Apparently Japanese Airlines didn’t think the pretty part was important.


Walk forward

Hand someone your papers

Puts your bags on a conveyor

Walk forward

Hand someone your papers

Puts your bags on a conveyor

Ad naseum

What a needlessly redundant security “system”.


So I’m “back”. Thank god, I don’t know if I can actually permanently relocate overseas. American food is the best.

From what I have seen the German countryside and mountains are beautiful. I hope that is not just the magic of Hollywood. For my next relocation however I may try Brazil. Their economy and game scene is booming. Plus the residents enjoy free plastic surgery (and healthcare). Most importantly however….it’s  the same timezone. Do not underestimate the importance of timezones.

Eventually I may end up in Vancouver instead. It is turning into a hot bed for game development and sits in the same time zone as San Francisco and Seattle. Otherwise I would have no desire to go to Canada. But if a cool job opportunity opened up, I would try it for awhile.

Right now I really wish I had an opportunity to work in San Francisco. I think the people, food and weather would be very agreeable with me. Sadly I have no family there. So relocating there temporarily to find a job, would be difficult.

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