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Oculus Rift – First Experience

Published on 2013-09-14, by in Games, Personal.

SAMSUNGAt Noisebridge, a Hacker Space in the Mission Distract of San Francisco, Justin brought in an Oculus Rift device for everyone to play around with. He’s going to use some of the space to build an omni-directional treadmill! Initial thoughts: Very cool, the dev kit resolution is too low for retail adaptation. The retail unit is supposed to have the HD that consumers would expect and will make for some awesome awesome experiences. I think watching others use it was also a real treat.


However: Using a keypad with the device does not feel intuitive/natural. I suspect that a game controller is also not ideal. I think  the best application would be to use it with devices like Wii Mote and Leap Motion.  We also got it to work with Skyrim… I will kill your excitement here and now though. Unless the game is setup with multiple cameras in game the 3D generated is very “fake” looking and in fact creates some “noise” which begins to hurt your eyes. So yes, a Skyrim like game would be amazing with an Oculus Rift…but only when they create it with the right framework and not just “mod” over it.


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