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WIP: Prototype Tactics

Published on 2013-09-30, by in Uncategorized.

My work in progress with no real name so let’s call it “Prototype Tactics” for now.

Click the link below to download the prototype I made in Unity. Each level randomizes (from a set pool) which units you control and what you face. Defeat all the enemies to advance to the next, slightly harder level. This should work in both PC and Mac, but I have only tested it on a PC.

Design Goal: The monster stats are designed at a slight disadvantage so it should be fun for the player and allow him to win with a few mistakes.




Warning: Before playing please turn down your speakers. You’ve been warned.


Prototype Tactics is single player, top down, turn based fantasy tactical skirmish game. Players use each unit to outmaneuver his opponent and remove the enemy units by reducing their hp to 0. Similar games in this genre are Xcom, Final Fantasy Tactics and Heroes of Might and Magic. For my prototype I’ve used double digit hit points and relatively low miss chances while attacking (10% for melee + enemy dodge%, 30% for ranged + enemy dodge%).


To create a 2D game in Unity I have changed the view to top down orthographic and applied textures to flat (.001Y depth) cylinder meshes. Currently the GDD/Outline for the game is not set; this has of course delayed progress due to a clear lack of direction but has also allowed me to explore features and ideas organically. This has been critical because I am working on this project solo so far and must limit the scope of my features to those I can accomplish on my own or what I can foresee-ably afford to outsource later.


For those not familiar with Game Design or the Production process this is a great look at the prototyping stage. Limited graphics, animation, sounds and polish. What’s important is to test theories, foresee potential problems and organically envision new features.

Key features tested with this build:

  • General power level and balance of Unit Stats
  • In game effects of the low ‘attack miss chances’ (Needed to know: Is it fun and interesting?)
  • Determining ideal map size and unit movement
  • Set the ground rules for movement order, unit priority, turn passing
  • Implementing new unit abilities
  • Implementation of Knight’s counter attack ability (May change to activated ability instead of always active)

What I would like to see moving forward but need code implementation for:

  • Giving units multiple attacks using the unit ability editor. (Not possible yet because Current editor does not support Miss Chance)
  • Set’s of damage instead of single range: ie current system is 1-50 damage. Would instead like % assigned to x possible outcomes: ie 20% chance to deal 6-10, 70% chance to deal 5, 10% chance to deal 25
  • Ability to deal damage to self(unit) with unit ability. ie suicide attacks

Moving forward:

  • Learn how to use persistent data and unit selector to create campaign with permanent HP damage and unit acquisition
  • Finalize unit progression charts
  • Create 10 units for player
  • Create 10 enemy units
  • Create terrain
  • Sprites (2D animations)

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