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Playstation©App Jumps to #3 in the App Store

Published on 2013-11-15, by in Uncategorized.



I think it’s important as a Designer to keep an eye on the App Store. Others argue that’s more of a Product Manager role but I think good monetization starts with good Design, and that requires watching the market. So today the PlayStation©App jumped 118 places to reach #3 in the App  Store.


Playstation App #3


Being unfamiliar with it I had to click through to find out what it does.

Playstation App #3 2The biggest thing that jumps out at me, from this awful wall of text

  • “In-app second screen features”

Hey that’s pretty cool! So judging by the 6 wide 100+ deep line outside of GameStop along with live bands and news vans the PS4 launch party was last night. And with that came millions (?) of fans exploring everything that their PS4 can do. Followed by a rush to the App Store to see what kind of Second Screen experience is waiting for them.

Moving 118 spots in the App Store is meteoric. Companies spend upwards of 500k to millions trying to achieve similar results for their games. Imagine if you could just piggy back on Sony’s App Store rise, if they had a link to your app in their app. If you could launch an in app ad for your app. If the cost were low enough you’d be golden. Not sure how useful this thought really is, but it’s something to watch out for in the future. Do with it what you will. Don’t forget the Xbox launch is just around the corner.

It’s also an opportunity for us Mobile Designers to reach out to Console Game Developers to see how we can help with their second screen experiences. Their less familiar with the hardware, the resolutions and crazy PPI ranges of mobile devices. Not to mention the awesome brainstorming fun of thinking up new second screen features to tie in with their game.

I’m imagining playing Call of Duty where a friend comes over and uses his iPad. His second screen experience is that of peering through a reconnaissance helicopter top down view of enemy heat signatures and calling them out to your friend while he plays. “Watch out enemy at your 6” Maybe even calling in the occasional air strike and being penalized for collateral damage and friendly fire.

  • Most mobile designers are outwardly apathetic about the next generation of consoles.
  • I think it’s time for an exciting new experience, second screen combines console design with mobile design.
  • Will Second Screen be the next amazing thing for video games, like the wii mote? Or will it be shelved and forgotten like PS3 six axis?
  • What will be the most amazing second screen experience of 2014?

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