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Game Design Workshop – Post Mortem

Published on 2014-01-09, by in Game Design, Personal.



As the host I think it went fantastic. I covered a ton of content during the Lecture part of things and had to save some material for next time because I ran out of time. The crowd laughed at the right times almost every time, they asked very insightful questions so I know they paid attention and had a great time. But ya know, I’m a little biased in thinking that.

  • Dana eckhoff “Really great meetup, informative and fun, I am excited about the next one!”
  • Sorov “Good presentation and awesome workshop”

As far as I know the only advertising done was a post on RockIT Colabs the space’s website, Meetup.com and some flyers I handed to friends. Still we managed to get 18 to RSVP ahead of time and 12 showed up for the lecture + workshop.

What I didn’t expect was that things would go so smoothly and I would have such a great time. Now I’m wondering about the feasibility and ease of creating a series of workshops and charging a small amount per student per workshop.

The biggest faux pas however is that I did not record the lecture and I even forgot to take pictures of the workshop. I had thought about using my iPad to record the event but was unsure of how to angle it correctly since I don’t have any accessories for it; such as a tripod or folding case. I also would not know what to do if it accidentally shut off during recording. I have no idea what kind of time limits or battery life it has while recording. I should probably test the functionality before relying on it.

Forgetting to take pictures was purely a heat of the moment kind of thing. I like to make sure everything is going smoothly and stopping to take pictures in the middle of the event is the last thing on my mind. Obviously the best solution to this is to assign it to someone else before the event starts. Hey if I end up with the paid workshop thing then volunteers can get in for free. Who doesn’t love minions?

I’ve already made a list of potential future topics

  • Games vs Toys, Puzzles and Stories
  • Game Designer vs Game Developer
  • Tool: Machinations (Resource Flow Analaysis)
  • Tool: Unity 3D
  • Tool: Photoshop
  • Design Documents
  • Progression Systems
  • Player Experience
  • Design: Board Games vs Video Games
  • Game Theory
  • Game Objectives
  • Proper Brainstorming

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