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Published on 2017-10-30, by in Game Design.

So lets take a moment and talk about the following

  1. What is the IGDH?
  2. Why you should join.
  3. Why am I starting it?

What is the IGDH?

The Indie Game Dev House project (IGDH for short) is similar to ‘Art Houses’. It might be rare but there exists individuals, wether or artists themselves or not, who share their good fortune to provide a shared living and work space for aspiring artists. And basically the IGDH is just that, the concept of inviting lots of individuals to come to a location, share a house together and work on projects together.

This isn’t meant to be a singular 1 place or house, hopefully it’s a concept that works, catches on, becomes popular and more and more begin popping up all over the world. I think in order for that to happen though it needs to foster an open environment rather than just a ‘invite your friends’ kind of vibe. That’s why I’ve been posting and sharing videos inviting people to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Which is a wonderful destination for digital nomads. The weather is great, the locals are friendly and open minded, and the cost of living is low which fosters a great atmosphere for online startups.

Why you should join.

There are so any reasons, I spend literally hours in my videos going over just some of them. #1 In my opinion is resources. Every artist, every studio, every project faces the challenge of resource management. The more time you spend trying to make a living, the less time and energy you have to work on your own project. The cost of living in the US is 3-4x higher than the cost of living with the same comforts then living in Chiang Mai. I still get all the important creature comforts that I’m accustomed to such as reliable internet, power, air conditioning, hot water showers, cooked meals, eating out, board game cafes, bars, restaurants, movie theaters you name it. So why not continue to freelance to make a living, but live someplace where you can maintain the same lifestyle with only 25% of the work to do so?

#2 World travel is eye opening, mind expanding, adventurous and refreshing. You can do a lot of amazing things in the US, if you have the money and time. Here in Chiang Mai it is affordable and easy to try new foods, visit ancient temples, pet tigers, feed elephants, go white rafting and more. You also learn a ton about yourself and the world by experiencing what its like to live in another culture. There is so many things we do, think and feel sort of ‘automatically’ in the US, or any culture, that might be holding you back in some way. Going to another country and experiencing their culture, their norms, their way of life gives you the opportunity to better understand your own culture.

#3 Surround yourself with a team of people of different talents who are all working towards the same goal and with the same motivation. No one here at the IGDH is coming here to get paid a salary, because there is none. If someone comes here it should be because they want to work together in a purely cooperative environment to make great games. And leave the backstabbing, office politics and responsibility dodging of the corporate culture behind them.

#4 Have fun! Making games is hard work but it shouldn’t be soul sucking and depressing. Come here to hang out, play games and live with other indie developers. Set yourself free and enjoy life while you can!

Why am I starting the IGDH?

Because I can. From age 16-30 I would classify myself as broke and constantly struggling financially. It was hard to pursue a higher purpose after working 60 hours a week just to get by. Now, in my 30s, I am financially in a very good place, I don’t have to work at all basically retired and I’ve found a wonderful cheaper easier place to live. I want to reach out and help people, because I wish someone would have done the same for me. There is no reason for you to struggle and kill yourself just to pay for rent, groceries and transportation. Life doesn’t have to be that hard. Don’t mistake what I’m saying, I believe in hard work! I respect it and like it. It feels good to work hard, its soul fulfilling. But do it for yourself, do it for your own legacy, your own project, do it for something that can drastically improve your life and financial situation. Don’t do it just to “get by” because all your doing at that corporation is making someone else rich. Don’t live 2 paychecks away from broke and desperate. Break out of the BS rat race, take a chance and see what life is like someplace else. If I can help people do that by relieving some of their worries by offering to pay for their rent and food for awhile, then that’s fucking awesome.  And I can afford it.

I’ve really been inspired by projects like Stugan and Noise Bridge. So check those out too and know that these ‘generous’, open arms, open minded environments exist. I love you all and wish you a life full of happiness and success.

Interested in joining? Click here.



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