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David Bud Leiser


Bud Leiser playing with a baby tiger in Thailand.

Game Designer
Bud beat Nintendo’s original Zelda when he was just 3 years old. Then went on to win money and prizes playing: D&D Miniatures, Dreamblade, Magic the Gathering and The Spoils. He’s recently returned from Vietnam where he helped manage Wulven Studios as their Lead Game Designer. He was responsible for creating internal projects, game design documents and communicating with clients to help them succeed in the post-freemium app market.

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Jeff Williams GM of Phoenix Games and Premier Level Tournament Organizer for games such as Magic the Gathering, WOW TCG, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh ♣ “Bud has a special and unique talent for understanding strategic gameplay. I have seen him use this gift to not only compete, but offer system improvements to designers and introduce new players through demos and marketing… would make a great asset to any Game Studio.”

Takayuki Chaya, Bushiroad Inc. Producer ♠ “Bud Leiser was assigned as lead game designer in the ChaosTCG for smartphone and has shown great performance in his works.”

Peter Wocken Fantasy Flight Games ♥  “Bud, thanks for taking your time to enlighten us all. It’s always great to have the whole team on the same page. I’m going to utilize this more in the board game industry.” (He’s referring to my tutorial on how to make a GDD)

Christian Ho Unity3D & Mobile Game Team Leader ♦ “Bud is one of the best game designer I have meet in my life, with very clear document making and unique game ideas. My English became better because he help me. Sometime he make me cry because of some change request, but after all, I realize that request make game really really better.”


Swimming with Whale Sharks in the Philippines

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Please visit the Game Design Consulting section to contact me for business inquiries.

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2 Responses

  1. andrea tasso

    Hi Bud, me and my son are having some holidays in the bay area, I am trying to let him introduced in game design (me I am not, I am just a quite good debian user), so googling I find your class tomorrow about unity 3d …. he is 14 years old, I set up for him ubuntu on an msi gx60, but he was not able to install unity on it (he is having some practice with blender)…. I do not know exactly what to do, but maybe we can come at your class.
    we are from italy, still not very fluent in english tough. let me know your suggestion … I really would like not to miss this chance for him to have some practical experience.

    • Bud

      Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for interest in my classes. You can come to our class tomorrow. Note that the location is 1 block away form the old location. The new location is 639 Clay St.

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