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Designer View: Sol Forge

Published on 2013-09-28, by in Game Design, Games.

Ever wonder what a Game Designer thinks while playing games? Today we look at an great DCG (Digital Card Game) created by Brian Kibler and Richard Garfield. Remember their Kickstarter together? Watch the video to find out what is wrong with the game design and how to fix it.


Designer View: AirMech

Published on 2013-09-27, by in Game Design, Games.

  Ever wonder what a Game Designer thinks when he plays games? Today we look at the gameplay of AirMech and offer some ideas on how to improve the game overall.


Oculus Rift – First Experience

Published on 2013-09-14, by in Games, Personal.

At Noisebridge, a Hacker Space in the Mission Distract of San Francisco, Justin brought in an Oculus Rift device for everyone to play around with. He’s going to use some of the space to build an omni-directional treadmill! Initial thoughts:


Don’t Starve: Best Healing tips and tricks

Published on 2013-05-13, by in Games.

If you are new to Don’t Starve you probably want to start off with my tips for beginners. If you are here and still reading you have figured out how to forage enough food to get by, but you still have problems surviving because you need to learn how to heal. Unlike other survival games



Don’t Starve – Houston we have a problem?

Published on 2013-03-27, by in Games.

  So this is my 2nd try on this world. I died day 10 to a very fast spider. Do you notice my problem? In case you can’t tell I worm hole jumped ahead because I already scouted all the coastlines bottom left. It’s day 10 and I’m still looking for…… ROCKS! There are no



Don’t Starve : I’m addicted. Here are some tips.

Published on 2013-03-26, by in Games.

Don’t Starve This game is entirely  too addictive. Could this be the next Minecraft? Where Minecraft let’s you respawn and build whatever you want in a very 3 Dimensional space. Don’t Starve is all about survival. You are constantly on a search for more food, weapons, and ways to keep your sanity. Permadeath is in


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