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Free Gamedesigns

My Free Gamedesigns – Open Source – Creative Commons


Despite my best efforts including collaboration, hiring individuals and hiring studios I have not completed and launched my own game successfully yet. Each effort has lead to an increase in knowledge and an aha that’s what went wrong moment.

But now I am too busy with other ventures in my life to try and approach game development full time. Rather than continuing to create game design documents and file them away forever I am going to try an experiment. I am going to create them and GIVE them away openly.


If you want to offer me some equity or royalty for using my game design great! In fact let me know and I might devote a couple hours each week to playtest and offer feedback.

If you feel like you’ve done all the heavy lifting and don’t want to pay me for my designs that is fine also, but kindly credit me as a designer and send me some free copies to give to friends.


Here are the links to Game Designs that I am giving away

  • Timetraveling MECH Action RPG
    • Similar games include Zelda, Moonlighter
    • Note I would really like to partner with someone to make this game and be involved with the game design, QA and fundraising
  • Placeholder


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