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Lucky Day – Shiny New Centavo’s for my Game Design kit!

Published on 2013-05-30, by in Game Design, Personal, Travel.

Thank you BPI (Bank Philippines Islands) I have been searching high and low for these coins! I went in banks, I called banks, I charmed, I begged. No one would give them up. The banks here are hoarding these little coins.  But today I walked into the BPI branch at a mall, I didn’t feel much hope they would give me any, I almost didn’t go in.

And to top it all off…THEIR SO SHINY!


Sadly they didn’t have any 5 centavo coins. Those would have been so cool with the little hole in the middle



Awesome my design kit feel so full. Now I just need a another little case like this filled with colored wood cubes and pawns.

So much stress and crap right now I’m glad to have found a simple happy pleasure today. Thanks Philippines.




Awesome Find – The Free 3D Models.com

Published on 2013-05-29, by in Game Assets & Tools.

This site looks great and there are no redirects when you click to download something, it just goes straight to .zip download.



Travel Tip: Use Kayak.com

Published on 2013-05-29, by in Travel.

Recently I had to book a rental car for weeks at a time not days.

  • You would think a name like “rent a wreck” would be the lowest cost option. NOPE
  • You would think the price would be cheaper on the actual car rental site (ie Budget.com) NOPE

The best site so far? www.Kayak.com


What it takes to be a Game Designer

Published on 2013-05-22, by in Game Design.

Perfect! They really nailed it, I don’t think I could explain it any better.


Don’t Starve: Best Healing tips and tricks

Published on 2013-05-13, by in Games.

If you are new to Don’t Starve you probably want to start off with my tips for beginners.

If you are here and still reading you have figured out how to forage enough food to get by, but you still have problems surviving because you need to learn how to heal. Unlike other survival games you don’t just heal up over time, or rest outside of combat. Sleep seems like it would be the natural way to heal, but don’t waste resources on tents or bedrolls because it won’t work. Sleeping in DS is only to heal your Psyche and costs you food (you wake up very hungry so don’t sleep if you don’t have food already!)  There’s basically 4 ways to heal in DS

  1. Crafting Healing items
  2. Eat Flowers and Butterflies
  3. Eat cooked/dried foods
  4. Eat spider glands (recent update)



Creating a Game Design Document by Brenda Brathwaite

Published on 2013-05-09, by in Game Design.

Her article is 5 years old now but is still holds great advice and teachings on how to write a good game design document.

“Before you start writing, consider is your audience. Many new designers write documents as if they’re being written for gamers instead of a programmer who’s tired, annoyed and up at 3 a.m. coding your combat system. The latter is your audience. Statements like, “Cannons allow you to blast your enemies to pieces!” shouldn’t be in design documents. Save that for the back of the box. Try something like this instead: “Each cannon has four shots before it must be reloaded. Cannons are reloaded automatically, provided there is ammo available and a pirate is available to reload it. If no ammo is available…”



Google GLASS will be the next big thing

Published on 2013-05-08, by in Personal.

I don’t know if I’m an “early adopter” or “evangelist” for most gizmos and gadgets. But I have been a preacher for GLASS from the very first commercial. What astonishes me is how many Techies I know don’t give a hoot. Programmers and web designers who wet their shorts over their own programs and websites barely give it any credit at all. They expect it to flop.


This article is from  a person who has used his GLASS for only 2 weeks and vindicates my belief that GLASS will be the “next big thing“.



A buddy asked me if I believed in it enough to invest in it. I don’t see how that’s directly possible. Either you would be investing in Google stock (I hate stock, no control) developing apps for the Google GLASS (too early in my opinion) or a retail outlet (yuck). It’s also tech. Investing in tech has too much fun attached to it, it’s too volatile and should be avoided unless you are investing in your own company (or mine wink wink). Investing shouldn’t be fun, it shouldn’t include being exciting about new products that’s not investing that’s gambling. Which is fine to do if 10% of capital is 100k or more per year. If not stick to the boring stuff we use everyday with low competition, patents or monopolies…like Gillette razors. See shaving razors, good, clean and terribly boring. That’s what Buffet bought during the tech boom, not tech stocks.


Video Tutorial: How To Make The Best Game Design Document (GDD)

Published on 2013-05-03, by in Game Design, Tutorial.


Having a well written, detailed and structured Game Design Document (GDD) is important for any game project. This will help you collaborate better with your team and ultimately make better games. So now I am going to show you the way I make a GDD from the very beginning so it stays structured, quick and easy to navigate.

Whether you have never made a GDD before or make them often you will learn lots of neat tricks in my videos, that will make your GDD easier and more useful for you and your team!

“A GDD is not a piece of artwork. It’s purpose is to clearly communicate your vision to others. If you are the only one who clearly understands the GDD, it is not a GDD, it’s just a journal.” – Bud Leiser




This comic hits the nail on the head don’t you think?

Published on 2013-05-01, by in Game Design, Personal.

Just replace the words “artist” with “Game Designer”

Nice one Lauren!


Video Tutorial: How to come up with game ideas www.budleiser.com

Published on 2013-04-30, by in Game Design, Tutorial.

Free Game Designer Tutorials at www.budleiser.com

Coming up with new features, mechanics and ideas for games can be fun and rewarding. Watch this tutorial to learn the 5 key ways to come up with new ideas for your games.

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