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Learn to Surf Camp Trip

Published on 2013-04-16, by in Personal, Travel.

It is crazy everywhere, it is just a different kind of crazy…everywhere

Published on 2013-04-16, by in Travel.

Americans talk about hitting rock bottom… bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure… Those aren’t even close to rock bottom. Our “wealth” is so deep we can’t even see rock bottom; much less hit it.

Imagine living in a shack no bigger than a storage shed and still having a landlord. Someone actually charging money for you to live under a tin roof and some plywood sheets for walls. No nails in those walls to make them sturdy, just lean them on each other, maybe rope a couple together. No carpeted floors, hardwood floors no floor at all its just dirt. Now imagine someone coming by every month and charging you money for that. One little room for you, your wife, and 2 kids. I’m here staring at it right now looking at the family that lives there, and yet I still can’t imagine it.

This is the kind of thing you see and think about while traveling. It made me think of something more though. It made think about, why don’t you hear about it from more travelers, magazine articles or TV?

Here is what I’ve come up with:

If your the traveler and come back and start telling people this side of your trip, you have to handle their reaction. Their in front of you, next to you, you can’t avoid the look on their face. Their shrinking smile or dimming eyes.

Maybe it upsets them, makes them sad. Maybe they don’t want to talk to you or hear about your travels anymore. Maybe it dims their idea of what the world and travel is like, so they don’t want to go. You potentially rob them of the experience. You can’t explain travel to somebody that hasn’t done it. You can’t put experiences into a bottle called words and letters and expect others to awaken and grow like you did. You potentially put out their light before they work up the courage to finally go. To go out into the world and see the real world for what it is. To pull back the curtain, and let it wash over them and make them grow.

You don’t want to focus on the negative either, it’s more fun to tell the exciting the stories about adventure, animals, petting a tiger or swimming with a whale shark. Those beautiful rice patties carved onto the side of a mountain like a green grass waterfall. The delicious local foods with flavors you would never have come up with at home, filled with vegetables and herbs you can’t find anywhere else. Meeting people from all over the world and going back  homesaying to yourself “I have a friend in Paris, London, Czech and Germany. Maybe I’ll go crash their couch someday.

I think everyone should travel. To see the good and the bad. So I understand why travel magazines, tv shows and friends don’t talk about the darker stuff. You need to experience both to awaken and grow. So keep the fire of hope, adventure and optimism alive. Don’t snuff it out too soon.

That’s why we tell the good stories and not the bad.

That’s what I’ve come up with anyway.


Everything you need to know about Bitcoins….almost ;)

Published on 2013-04-12, by in Money.


Cool video to help simplify things for you.


What are the odds!?

Published on 2013-04-12, by in Personal.

Last night Mr Mouse decided to be brave again while I was watching TV and explore the living room. So I grabbed the frying pan and chased him around the living room and kitchen. He hid under the fridge pretty well, 3 times I had to bat him back with the frying pan so he did not run back towards the living area. I propped the kitchen door open and tried to herd him towards it. Eventually he escaped my sight via small fridge tactical maneuvers.

So either he made it out the door (good) or he escaped my field of vision and ran back into the living area (bad).

This morning as I made my way out to breakfast I saw the corpse of a mouse the exact same size as Mr Mouse. If that was him he made it halfway down the alley before meeting some unknown fate. If it was him what are the odds that he would be lying dead in the path over 8 hours later from our dance? No dogs, birds or cats took him away. He did not die in some bush, or make his way into somebody else’s house. He’s right there for me to see.

I’m not attached to the mouse, although I did not want to hurt/kill him hence trying to herd him out the door. I’m just amazed at the odds! (Assuming that is Mr Mouse)


Bitcoins hit $140 USD each

Published on 2013-04-08, by in Money.

There’s no big long winded article here because I’m speechless. I leave for a week and bitcoins were $90 each. Now it’s up to $140. I want bitcoins but not at that price. Are bitcoins in a bubble? Are they about to bubble? This is where “safehaven” transforms into “gambling” (what others call “investing for capital gains”). I want to buy Bitcoins because I think they will continue to rise. But  I don’t have the extra investment income to do it.

My advice: If you have over 100k a year to invest. Now is the time to slide 10% of that into Bitcoins. Before that though decide your exit strategy. When do you sell at what price? If they begin to drop when do you dump? Keep the other 90% for real estate and other residual income assets.


Example: Buy 10,000 worth of bitcoins at $140. Sell at 300 or when the price drops 5% in a single day/week. Problem is, because of the withdrawal limits can you even exit fast enough? The reduce withdrawal limit might be forcing this into a bubble as more people want in, but others cannot cash out?


Bitcoin On It’s Way To Becoming World Standard Currency

Published on 2013-03-31, by in Money.


I had heard of Bitcoins probably 2 years ago. I read up about it and it’s advantages while the US economy tanked and the big banks received bail outs instead of the people who we’re losing their homes. I thought it sounded like a pretty good idea at the time a digital currency not controlled by anyone or any one government. I thought about using it myself. I guess I was too busy making ends meet to really look into it. If only I had known how much and how quickly it’s price would soar. As I write this today the price to exchange a US Dollar for 1 Bitcoin is 93:1. Not 93 Bitcoins for 1 US Dollar but the reverse. It really does cost over $90 to purchase a single bit coin!

Other titles I thought about using for this article include

  1. Bitcoins Become Black Swan Reality”
  2. “Bitcoins: I Don’t Understand Money Anymore!”
  3. “Bitcoins Now and Then; The Story Of The $930,000 Pizza”

Interesting History: This makes ” Laszlo Hanyecz’s 10,000 Bitcoin Pizza” now an unprecedented $930,000 Pizza. Pretty good profit on 2 large cheese pizzas with toppings. This amount only works retroactively of course. Let’s hope the English gentlemen who traded an internet order of pizza saved those Bitcoins for a rainy day. Someone tell him today it’s raining!

10000 Bitcoin Pizza

In case you are wondering how much 10,000 Bitcoins we’re back then it seems to be about $41.

“10,000… Thats quite a bit.. you could sell those on https://www.bitcoinmarket.com/ for $41USD right now.. 
good luck on getting your free pizza. Source:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=137.msg1195#msg1195

Those are just cheesy facts right? (God sorry for that awful pun but I just had to) It’s not like a pizza bought on May 22nd, 2010 in Jacksonville Florida would have ANY bearing or relation to a real world crisis 3 years later… Events say; like the fall of Cyprus right? Right? I have a suggestion; sit down for this next part.

Recent events suggest that many of the people who are using Bitcoin don’t want a re-iteration of these old models. Much of the new interest in Bitcoin is coming from places like Cyprus whose desperate proposals for economic reform threaten to plunder the savings of its people.

Take what happened on 19 March, for example. In its bargaining for a 10 billion Euro bailout from its European lenders, the Cypriot government instituted a bank holiday (which did not end until 28 March) as it considered economic reforms that would impose severe levies on many bank deposits. As the situation became more chaotic, Cypriots who found themselves suddenly cut off from their savings accounts began downloading Bitcoin iphone apps.

That day, downloads of Bitcoin Gold, an application that tracks the exchange rate of Bitcoin, soared, going from the 1171st most popular finance-related download to 104th. Without access to their money, it’s unlikely that many Cypriots were able to buy Bitcoins at that time. But interest in the currency peaked in other countries as well. Spain, which has kept a close eye on the developments in Cyprus showed a similar spike on 17 March and downloads in the U.S. jumped three days later, indicating that when government currencies fray, Bitcoin begins to look a little more like a safe haven and a little less like a crazy techno-utopian experiment. Source: Bitcoin Hits $1 Billion

To put this into some kind of real world perspective I have to point out that market crashes are not impossible, especially when viewed globally instead of locally. Even in the US  Bank runs have happened in the past. What’s different this time around is what people are seeking out as their alternative. Normally it would have been Gold and Silver. Traditionally precious metals have been the place to hoard ones money during an economic/regime/government/way of life meltdown. So why would anyone turn to Bitcoins? Is it just a new tech-fad, some new age idea that caught fire? Could there be some advantages? Consider this:

  • Bitcoins are a weird mix of public and private. Making it hard to attach Wallet A with real Person B from an outside (investigator) perspective. This can be a good thing when your country is collapsing and bankers are levying a 10-40% tax on savings.
  • You don’t have to carry a Bitcoin on you personally after all it is a digital currency. So it’s harder to steal or confiscate. History note: As Americans and other tourists fled Cuba while Fidel Castro’s revolution took over the country armed guards would search citizens and their luggage before being allowed to leave the country. All watches, rings, jewelry, gold, silver, diamonds and anything of obvious value we’re confiscated. If a similiar event happens would you rather be carrying 100 ounces of silver or have those Bitcoins held in an anonymous digital wallet only you could access?
  • Many online shops now accept Bitcoins making Bitcoins easier to spend than Gold. Real world shops carry them too, even a restaurant in Orlando FL is will accept Bitcoins.
  • It’s easier to transfer to your bank account than physical gold. You can exchange and deposit Bitcoins directly into your bank account in less than 24 hours (source: https://bitpay.com/ and https://mtgox.com/)

 So how long until it’s the world Standard Currency and we’re all trading in Bitcoins?

It took the devastation of Europe and the victory of Allied forces in World War 2 for American Dollars to become the unofficial world currency. People we’re willing to trust in American Currency because they we’re willing to invest (aka bet) on Americas future. Aside from Pearl Harbor American soil remained largely untouched. It’s factories stayed up and running and didn’t have to be rebuilt from bombings. Fields could be plowed and harvested without first being de-mined.

Money always moves someplace “safer”, especially when people have reason to panic. When the markets are up and the future is shining so bright that everyone thinks the sky is the limit, people are not as concerned with the safety of their current methods. After all it must be working right? But is the future shining on American and European markets today? Some say the crash isn’t over yet. It’s times like these that money will go where investors feel most assured. Bitcoins now appear to be a mixture of safety, liquidity and even growth.

But wait you say, what about the merchants? what about Amazon and Apple? What about my local Grocery store? When can I spend my Bitcoins there!? Saving and investing in Bitcoins is great and exchanging those Bitcoins to Dollars is well and good; but when can I spend it locally and directly?

Reddit now accepting Bitcoin as a payment option

Just give it a little more time,

David Bud Leiser



Want to know more about Bitcoin? I recommend Wired magazines “The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin”

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Ouya Sandtrap

Published on 2013-03-31, by in Game Design.

Ouya Interview

So in this video interview we really get to see the Ouya interface and “Discover” which is the Ouya store. In it (and at the bottom no less) is a place where all games must start called the “Sandbox”. Your game is “stuck” in there until enough people play your game and you become ejected into the Genres categories.

1st Thought: Oh god why did you call it Sandbox? You know everyone is now going to refer to it as Sandtrap right? “Hey has your game made any money?” “Nah not yet, we’re still stuck in the SANDTRAP!”

2nd Thought: I hate the part where she says “This is great for developers because it uh…….encourages them to really promote their game. ” Hey I love the Ouya I love what their doing. But that line is dicey as F%$!@. What you really just said was the opposite of great for developers. Let me translate “This is the hell which your game will be stuck until you promote your game yourself because until you get unstuck we are not going to promote it for you“…..yaaaaa sounds greeeaaaat.

3rd Thought: Their menu’s are not “minimalist” their crap. When your in the store the word Discover is covering almost half the screen. If you really designed a “minimalist” style then we would see something with a nice font and it would have more room to see more games. Without that giant useless word you could fit another row of titles in there. This lady sure knows how to spins words though. Good job.

In  the interview we catch glimpses of a few different games. The Punch Out rip off I mean inspired by game looks pretty interesting. It’s got a fantasy theme going on where you are boxing with Orcs and Lizardmen. I haven’t played the game but it looks cool in this video. I noticed the other games they showcased we’re all Pixel Art style. Which is kind of a letdown. I like the idea of “retro” games and “indie” games but it doesn’t have to always be done with retro art.

Still i’m super excited about the Ouya and what this means for the future. I can’t wait to design games for it. I just wanted to share this link and talk about it as soon I saw it. Enjoy!

David Bud Leiser



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Happy ‘Zombie Jesus’ Day!

Published on 2013-03-30, by in Personal.

40 Easter Bunnies more terrifying than a crucified man coming back from the dead.


Don’t Starve – Houston we have a problem?

Published on 2013-03-27, by in Games.



So this is my 2nd try on this world. I died day 10 to a very fast spider. Do you notice my problem? In case you can’t tell I worm hole jumped ahead because I already scouted all the coastlines bottom left. It’s day 10 and I’m still looking for……

ROCKS! There are no rock terrains in this world and I’ve been exploring for 10+10 days! I gathered enough pebbles to build 2 campfires and 2 Science Machines. But I don’t have enough gold to build a single Alchemy Machine!


Whale Sharking!

Published on 2013-03-27, by in Travel.
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