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http://commonly.cc/ Making game assets open source

So here is a site that caught my eye for multiple reasons.




  1. I am always on the lookout for sites with cheap/free assets for Game Design. Music, sprites, SFX, and artwork. This site has it all. 
  2. They are against Internet Monopoly also known as “anti-piracy” acts like SOPA, ACTA, CISPA. These bills are very very bad for humanity. The internet is the most content rich free education and market in the world. These bills would turn it over into the hands of a select few media corporations.
  3. I had a related idea so I’m pleased to see they did it. They raised $1000 collectively to turn over a group of game assets from copyrighted to public domain.

On the website you can find sound tracks, isometric forest terrain, 50 unity particle shape effects, Bomberman sprite sheets and more. All in nice, neat, tidy little zip files for easy download. So check it out.


Royalty Free Music – Japanese

I am open to collaborative revenu share with programmers and artists to make new games for PC, Iphone, Android, and Ouya.


My latest project has a Ninja/Japanese theme in an alternate world. I’m at the point where I begin looking for all the songs and sound effects I will need. Thankfully my friend Takayuki helped me when I requested some Japanese sites that have royalty free music.




Don’t Starve : I’m addicted. Here are some tips.

Published on 2013-03-26, by in Games.

Don’t Starve

This game is entirely  too addictive. Could this be the next Minecraft? Where Minecraft let’s you respawn and build whatever you want in a very 3 Dimensional space. Don’t Starve is all about survival. You are constantly on a search for more food, weapons, and ways to keep your sanity. Permadeath is in full effect. You die it’s all gone everything your camps, your advancements; heck the entire world resets. You have 3 options retry in the same world, generate a new one or give up and quit. That kind of letdown or drawback could turn off most gamers. It’s the most annoying “feature” in my opinion. Yet could that emotional roller coaster be the key to it’s addictive play?

Everything you do matters. Damage isn’t permanent but it doesn’t heal on it’s own either. This gives a “real world” feel to every action you take. Makes you weary of the unknown and avoid fights not just ones you think you can win but fighting altogether unless necessary. Better to set traps, or trick them into chasing you near some neutral creeps who can do the fighting for you. This world is harsh though nothing is on your side, everything is out to kill you. Some are more aggressive than others though.

Here’s some tips for New Players

  • You are going to need an axe and pick first. Find some twigs and flint. Open the crafting menu on the left and make one of each. 
  • Once you have an axe in your toolbar along the bottom right click to equip it. Now you can cut down trees
  • Harvest grass and logs (by cutting down trees with your axe) until you have enough to build a campfire. Don’t build one yet; but always, always have enough grass and wood on you to make a campfire. If you don’t have a fire at night to keep the monsters away you will die.
  • Now wander around collecting berries, carrots, grass, twigs and flint. Get to know your surroundings. If you get a bit lost you can press TAB or click on the map bottom right. Berry bushes and grass talks will replenish over time. So use the map to find your way back to these when you need them.
  • Look top right you will see a sundial, the closest thing you are going to get to a real clock. The red area is dusk, when this comes it’s you don’t need a camp fire yet but you better start gathering wood if you don’t have enough already.
  • Build your campfire just before night (the darkest part of the sun dial) You need to drop more wood from your toolbar to the fire  to keep it going. Don’t pile on too much unless you want to start a forest fire. (Later you will do this on purpose to make coal but best to avoid it until you learn the game)
  • If you have any berries, rabbit meat or carrots now is a good time to drag them onto the fire and cook them. This makes them more filling and replenish health when you eat them.
  • Eating flowers won’t fill your stomach but they will heal you.
  • Some raw foods heal you but most do not. Cook food to make it more nutritious or when it gets stale to stop it from spoiling.
  • Do NOT eat mushrooms unless you really have to. They will make you lose sanity super quick.
  • Do NOT eat monster meat, even cooked as it too will make you lose some sanity.
  • To replenish Sanity you need to build more “dapper” (nice) items. 10 Silk gives you a nice Top hat. Which seems to do a good job.
  • Every tool you build wears down. So keep an eye on it’s %. If you need to free up items in your toolbar drop low % tools.



Fishing is my favorite source of food in Don’t Starve. See how happy Wilson is to fish?

Playing this game is literally like learning to survive in another world. It takes practice. These next tips are for cheaters …err I mean people who have played the game a lot and are looking for some tricks to surviving long term. 

  • As of the current build there are no items to help you survive the winter that do not require Beefalo fur. So start looking day 1. That’s right don’t even bother with the science machine, shovels, or any of that nonsense. Instead start exploring. Gathering only the basic items and lots of food.
  • Once you find the Beefalo build a stone campfire there. You don’t have to make this your main base but you definitely want to populate the world with stone campfires in all the key locations.
  • Next find a fishing hole (a pond). Preferably one in a semi safe location. Not too many spiders, not in a swamp with tentacles, not near those goddamn angry birds that run up and punch you fast as frick. Someplace nice and safe! Somewhere you feel comfortable approaching while on your last bit of health. That right this is your going to be your first main base.
  • Gather enough supplies to build both the Science Machine and the Alchemy machine.
  • Now get some silk and make a fishing pole! This is has been the best most reliable way to harvest food I have found yet. Watch out for the “frogs”. It’s best to just sit by the campfire and fish all night because the frogs are sleeping and spiders won’t come near the fire.

Some safe ways to harvest silk

  • Next your gonna want to find some spiders. If possible it’s great to find them near some pig houses. During the day you can run up, hit the spider nest then draw them towards the pigmen. The pigmen won’t attack you unless you attack them. They will however attack anything “non-neutral) that comes near them. Let the pigmen defeat or occupy the spiders while you go back to the nest and destroy it. Pick up the silk then go back to the spiders to see if any of them turned into silk instead of monster meat.
  • So you find some spiders but no pigs? Make 3-4 basket traps using 6 grass and 2 twigs each. Place them in a 2×2 area near the spider nest. If it’s a level 3 nest you will need 4 baskets. Otherwise you just need 3. Now hit the nest and draw the spiders into your baskets. There seems to be a bit of latency so keep running, if the trap falls it will collect the spider even though visually it’s move passed it. Now collect the traps, throw away the meat, and place the traps on the ground again. This actually works faster if your toolbar is completely full. Do this until the spider nest is empty. Then destroy the nest and collect the silk it drops. If it drops a spider egg keep it. You can put it in a chest or plant it near your campfire so you can harvest it later.
  • Wait until dusk. Be careful the spiders don’t leave it all at once. Watch the nest or wait until the 2nd or 3rd “dial” of dusk. Then hit the nest, if a spider pops out run in 1 direction until it stops chasing you. If nothing pops out just stay there and beat on it with a spear or axe. (Spears last longer when attacking) This method seems the easiest, but if there are lots of spiders nearby it’s actually quite dangerous. They won’t attack you for attacking their nest, but they will attack if they get near you.

Thanks for reading about this great game. I hope you found the tips useful. Please post your own tips for survival below!


My first personal blog!

Published on 2013-03-26, by in Personal.

Travel to Tiger Temple

For years I’ve used wordpress to easily build project sites such as when I think I have a good idea for a game or for products and services that I believe in and want others to try. Most of them have not made much money, but that’s ok because if they make anything it’s usually a net gain. Today is the first time I am using WordPress for a purely personal site. Someplace where I can link all the craziness together. Such as my travels like the picture above when I visited Tiger Temple in Thailand. My thoughts on politics, money, investments, business, and games. You know someplace where I can just be me that’s not Facebook.

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